Disadvantages of Massage Chair

Massage chairs are famous in the modern era because of their multiple features and functions. A survey shows more than 40 million Americans use a massage chair annually. Massage chairs have some advantages, such as reducing muscle tension, stress, body fatigue, and improving body posture. The traditional massage chairs cannot replace the masseuse.

The massage chairs cannot provide a proper massage function while the masseuse touch and communicate with you and can target the area you need the massage more. There are advantages and disadvantages of massage recliner chairs. It would help if you considered some of the massage chair’s disadvantages before buying it. Like many things, massage chairs also come with pros and cons.

Disadvantages of Massage Chair

There are some disadvantages of massage chairs. You can replace professional massage with massage chairs. The masseuse can interact with you and massage as per your body needs. At the same time, the massage chairs cannot do that. There are a few side effects of massage chairs because of misusing them.

Less Efficient

The massage chairs have some pros and cons. The massage chairs come with some limitations. It cannot perfume the massage as the professional massage with natural hands. Some muscle tension and stiffness can be relieved by the expert masseuse.

Although, a massage chair improves your blood flow and relaxes your body. But the massage functions are not practical as the massage therapist. If you have any particular injury or permanent pain in the muscle, you must visit a professional massage therapist. The massage chairs also take up space in the room.

Limited Functions

The recliner massage chairs come with some limitations. The massage chair roller and nodes have limited movements and cannot reach some specific parts of the body. So, it would be best if you went to the masseuse to relieve the muscle pain. Because they have trained knowledge, experience, and know-how, much pressure and massage are needed.

The massage chairs work in a particular area of your body, such as the neck, shoulder, back, and knee. In comparison, the masseuse can massage each part of your body and relieve the body’s fatigue.

Weight and Height Limit

The massage chair has a limited weight and height limit, preventing heavy and significant people from using the massage chairs. Also, the massage chairs are made of electric equipment, and some of the massage chair models are heavy, and you cannot move from one place to another due to their heavy weight. Also, it requires more space in the room.


Massage chairs are costly due to their features and functions. If you are on a tight budget, you cannot buy branded, professional massage chairs. It comes in thousands of dollars price.

But if you have a massage every week in the spa or center, a massage chair is more suitable for you in the long term.

Installation and Storage

The installation and storage of a massage chair are not accessible. The massage chairs are heavy and oversized. It requires more storage space and cannot be adjusted in a short area.


Sometimes the massage chair fails to perform the massage functions as the massage chair has electric equipment which needs to be charged for the massage function. You will need the time and money to repair the massage chair.


The price of some of the high-quality massage chair models is high. It can go from $3000 to $9000. But the massage chair is more economical in the long term if you visit the spa center every week. A decent massage chair can cost you almost $2500.

Physical Injuries

The massage chairs have some side effects. The misuse of a massage chair can lead to injuries. You must read the massage chair manual before using it. The intense massage can harm your body’s skin and develop rashes and ache. The overheating padding back irritates your muscle and lead to pain.


The professional masseuse provides convenient massage as compared to massage chairs. The massage therapist provides natural massage with their hands, creating a feeling of touch and comfort.


The massage chair with intense massage function may cause residual pain. The nerve and muscles become irritated with improper usage of massage chairs. Also, the overuse of massage chairs may create muscle spasms.

It is considered that proper massage can improve blood flow. The massage function can also decrease the toxins in your body. But if you have circulatory difficulties, you must consult a doctor before using a home massage recliner chair.


You may get a rare allergic reaction with a zero gravity massage chair if you are allergic to leather. You can avoid this by using the fabric cloth which covers your body.

Bone Fracture

The adverse effects of massage chairs on the user’s bone. Intense massage has a side effect on your bone, but it is rare. If you already have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer, your bone becomes fragile, and high-intensity massage pressure may fracture your bone.

Low Blood Sugar Level

The disadvantages of body massage may affect your blood sugar level. Ask the consulting doctor before using a massage chair, especially if you have diabetes. The massage decrease the level of blood sugar.

Several Points to Consider

There are several dangers of massage chairs. Too much use of a massage chair may activate hormones in the body and create anxiety and depression. The regular usage of the massage chair is functional.

Some of the massage chairs come with a limited weight capacity. However, it mostly depends on the massage chair model.

The massage chair is more costly. The average cost of the zero gravity massage chair is $1000. At the same time, the luxury massage chair brand price is $2500-$8000. But you can find in the budget price with lower massage features.

The massage chair cannot replace the therapist’s spa massage. Professional therapeutic massage is much better than chair massage. Also, massage roller work is limited to your area of the body in the massage chair. The massage chair cannot provide specific body part massage. There are few traditional designs and colors. The massage chair was in the room and mostly fit in contemporary spaces.

Frequently Ask Questions

Are massage chairs harmful?

Generally, massage chairs are not risky or harmful. But you should follow the massage instructions carefully before using massage chairs.

What are the disadvantages of body massage?

There are some common disadvantages of body massage. The pressure on your body during deep tissue massage may create pain and activate the hormone.

Can a massage chair cause a stroke?

There is no such reality in the massage chair which cause a stroke. But some precautions must be taken before using a massage chair.

Does a massage chair cause blood clots?

The vital forces in pulling, pushing, and stretching may cause a blood clot.

Can massages damage nerves?

Yes, it can if you overuse the intense massage, but it is scarce.

Can you get headaches after massages?

The massage puts too much pressure on your body. With deep tissue massage, you may get muscle soreness and bruise with enhanced blood circulation, triggering headaches.