AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair Review

best gaming chair under $500

The Max Gaming Chair from AKRacing is one of the best gaming chairs for 500. It is the perfect way to game on your terms. This extra-large seat features a wide metal frame covered in the anti-corrosive coating and high-density foam padding for maximum comfort and durability that can support up to 400 lbs!

Plus, this rocker has an adjustable height mechanism, so you’re guaranteed some good times no matter what angle or position you put it in front of your screens at home–whether they be desktops PCPs Nirvana.

This chair is perfect for gamers who need a wide, comfy seat. The adjustable features include rockers, swivel degrees of elevation, and gas lift locks.

Adjustable headrests and lumbar support pillows ensure comfort while enhancing ergonomics with their four-direction flexible features. 4D armrests provide cushioning for your arms in all directions: up & down, back and forth, in & out, and rotate to the sides.

The 4D armrests provide the ultimate comfort, support, and adjustability. They can be raised or lowered to suit your preference and angle oriented accordingly for maximum ergonomic benefit!

The extra-strong aluminum base of this gaming chair is designed to complement the color you choose for your room visually. With 20 times more strength than steel, it can hold up against even heavy gamers who need their seats securely fixed while playing! No wonder this sleek black furniture item has quickly become one of the best-selling gaming chairs under 500.

Reasons to Buy
  • Wide metal frame l with anti-corrosive coating
  • Adjustable rocking function
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Tilt locking mechanism
  • 100% Cold cure foam
  • 5 years warranty
  • Extra-large size
  • Easy to clean
Reasons to Avoid
  • New fresh smell