OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair Review

best massage chair under $2000

The OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair, is one of the best zero gravity massage chairs. This chair distributes the weight eventually and reduces pressure from your spine and joints. It improves the spine’s natural shape and releases tension. The deep v-wrapped design reduces physical exhaustion and enhances body relaxation.

The intelligent 3D body scan automatically scans your entire body and adjusts the massage points and range. The airbags in the massage chair cover shoulder, arms, hips, calves, and feet. It loses the body muscle and releases muscle stiffness.

The 32 airbags in the massage chair deeply massage your back, neck, shoulder, waist, hip, calves, legs, and feet. Similarly, the 3D robot’s hands provide a human-like massage function, decreasing body fatigue within 20 minutes. It is considered one of the best massage chairs for under 2000 dollars.

Massages such as knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and Thai massage provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. The heating pads in the waist warm your waist and release pressure and muscle fatigue.

The headrest part of the chair is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which is connected to mobile phones, iPad, etc. Even iPhone 12 is also compatible with massage chair Bluetooth.

The airbags in the foot area improve blood circulation and enhance the body’s metabolism. The weight limit is 330 lbs, and one year guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the massage chair’s function, you can return it within 30 days. Enjoy the massage while watching TV.

  • Smart 3D Body Scan System
  • Thai Stretching Massage
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Full Body Air Massage
  • 5 Massage Techniques
  • 3D Robot Hands
  • 2 Lumbar Heater
  • Arm area is small