10 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

Massage chairs have become one of the most popular types of furniture in many homes.

In addition to providing a comfortable place to sit, they also offer a wide range of health benefits that can improve your overall well-being. 

The human body will always come with various natural curves and corners. The best tall-person massage chairs accommodate these unique features and ensure that tall users can enjoy a relaxing massage without any hassle.

And since many people are getting taller, having the best massage chair for a tall person is necessary. It will be perfect if you know your health’s importance and what types of chairs can support you more easily while sitting in that space. 

Height is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when purchasing a massage chair. Many people don’t realize just how important it is until they try to use a standard-sized chair and find that their heads or feet are hanging off the end. This can be not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, as it increases the risk of falling. 

Top Pick 1

best massage chair for tall person
iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner

Top Pick 2

best massage chair for tall people
Kahuna Massage Chair

List of top ten Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner Brand: iRest
Dimensions: 66.92″D x 29.92″W x 33.07″H
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Kahuna Massage Chair Brand: Kahuna
Dimensions: 46″D x 31″W x 48″H
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair Brand: Kahuna
Dimensions: 49″D x 29″W x 50″H
Weight Capacity: 320 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Brand: RELAXONCHAIR
Dimensions: 55″D x 32″W x 49″H
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower iRest 2022 Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Brand: iRest
Dimensions: 61.02″D x 29.53″W x 45.08″H
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Real Relax Massage Chair Brand: Real Relax
Dimensions: 61″D x 29.5″W x 42.5″H
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Osaki Zero Gravity Space Saving Massage Recliner Brand: Osaki
Dimensions: 60″D x 32″W x 51″H
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Kyota E330 Kofuko Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Brand: Kyota
Dimensions: 35″D x 32″W x 59″H
Weight Capacity: 305 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Brand: Kahuna
Dimensions: 46″D x 31″W x 51″H
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Check Price
cordlessblower Mynta Massage Chair 3D SL-Track Brand: Mynta
Dimensions: 51″D x 31″W x 46″H
Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
Check Price

1) iRest Massage Chair Recliner – Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person

Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person

The iRest SL Track Massage Recliner Chair comes with Lower back heating with adjustable temperature. A lumbar & waist cushions are included so you can enjoy a personalized experience every time you sit on it. 

It has the latest intelligent mechanical hand imitations that do kneading, squeezing, flap pressing, push holding swing twists so robotic hands can effectively massage the human body. 

The intelligent design combined with long “SL” shape curving rail technology 110mm deep massage path to have a better, more profound massaging effect, especially for the lower back, waist, and lumbar area.

The massage chair comes with a head pillow for neck pain support during operation arm-thickness is also customized PU material that ensures you fully relax when enjoying a massage session.

The armrest height can be adjusted according to personal preference, extendable up to 114mm. 

Arm-thickness is also customized for better comfortability and durability using PU material which ensures you fully relax when enjoying a massage session in this product. No more tired arms after a long day of work.

You can connect a Bluetooth speaker with a smartphone and enjoy listening to music while massaging your body. 

  • Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands
  • Auto Massage Modes from 6 to 8
  • Full Body Airbags Massage
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • LED light is only blue

2) Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black – Massage Recliner for Tall Man

Massage Recliner for Tall Man

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black is one of the best massage chairs on amazon. This brand new Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black offers some great features and benefits, including, Space-saving technology (only requires three inches from the wall), 

It is designed to target your spinal area to unblock energy flow for better nerve function throughout the body, 

The zero gravity position relieves stress in different body parts while still getting a practical massage experience. It is so comfortable that you could sit in it all day long if possible.

The lumbar support feature has also been commented upon by many users who find themselves having a hard time with back pain after spending long hours at their desks or other such activities. 

The massage chair has a yoga-stretching program designed to awaken your senses and improve blood circulation throughout your entire body. 

The LM-6800 also offers an automatic shut-off timer so you can set it and forget it, as well as a heated roller system to help loosen up those tight muscles before beginning the massage. This chair also features a foot massager with dual rollers for added relaxation. 

The best massage chair for tall people will help you relieve back pain after long work hours behind a desk or other activities. If you are looking for the best massage chair with zero gravity position and space-saving technology, Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black is the right choice for you. 

Also, it offers an automatic shut-off timer, heated roller system, dual foot massagers, and a yoga-stretching program that will improve your blood circulation and awaken your senses. 

The chair comes with a limited warranty of three years on parts, labor, and structural framework. With all of these great features, it is no wonder why this Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black has been a top seller on Amazon.

  • Signature Program – Yoga Stretching
  • Dual foot rollers and detachable
  • Manual Massage Techniques
  • Air Massage Technology
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Space-saving technology
  • Air bags on legs are intense

3) Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair for Big and Tall

Best Massage chair for Big and Tall

The Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair is perfect for taller people. If you are looking to buy a massage chair and are above average height, the Kahuna Superior is the right choice. 

It has all the features you would want in a high-end massage chair, including air cells that wrap around your calves and feet, heating therapy in the back and legs, and an auto-body scan system that adjusts to your size. 

The Kahuna Superior also comes with six unique massage techniques: kneading, tapping, rolling, Swedish (or circular), Shiatsu (or thumb press), and percussion. You can also choose from five different speed levels to get the perfect massage every time. 

And if you need to take a break during your massage, the chair will automatically stop after one hour. The only downside to the Kahuna Superior is that it is a bit expensive, but if you are looking for a top-of-the-line massage chair, it is definitely worth the price. 

Tall people everywhere should consider the Kahuna Superior as their new go-to massage chair.

  • Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage
  • SL-Track with 6 Wheels Roller System
  • Taller & Wider Size Accommodation
  • Bluetooth speakers/app control
  • Auto Smart Body Scan
  • Space saving feature
  • No light on the remote button

4) RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair for a Large Person

Best Massage Chair for a Large Person

The RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is one of the best massage chairs on the market. It has various features that make it an excellent choice for those seeking a full-body massage. 

This chair has a foot extension that provides an additional five inches of space, making it ideal for taller individuals. Three stages of zero gravity positions create different recline levels to accommodate varying body types and preferences.

Each of the seven automatic programs has unique massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu. An air massage system for the arms, legs, and feet. And heat therapy in the lower back area.

The MK-Classic’s intelligent body scanning technology also ensures that every massage is tailored to the user’s specific body size and shape. With this chair, you can experience a top-of-the-line massage at home without spending thousands of dollars on expensive spa treatments.

The three different positions allow your feet & heart to be on the same level, where the back is flat with head support up. This will help get blood circulation around your lower body faster for a healthier lifestyle.

The extended foot massager is five inches longer than the standard length so that it fits larger-sized people better; If you have big or wide feet(more than men’s shoe 13), You may need more space for comfort while using our Zero-G position. The upgrade extension leg is the solution.

It will measure your entire upper body length, detect pressure points for your back, recognize your body curve and shapes, and yield custom back massages.  

The shoulder airbags are adjustable according to customer height to fit most people well. If you want a more customized experience with firmer or softer airbag intensity based on different preferences (stronger/smoother) during a massage session, please press the button repeatedly until you get desired level while working out on the smartphone app.

The foot roller is designed to fit most people’s feet. However, if you have larger or more comprehensive than average feet,  please press the button repeatedly until it works your leg shape well. 

The custom design extension legs & intelligent body scanning. Automatic programs, heat therapy, and an air massage system.

  • Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
  • 2nd Gen. Intelligent Body Scanning
  • Ultra 3 Stage Zero Gravity Positions
  • Back-Lit Remote Controller
  • Auto Smart Body Scan
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Heavy weight

5) iRest 2021 Massage Chair with AI Voice Control – Best Massage Chair for Heavy Person

Best Massage Chair for Heavy Person

The iRest 2021 Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair comes with Heat, Lumbar, and Knee Airbags and is the perfect massage chair for you.

It has shiatsu-multi-point combination kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu massage function. The air compression at the back, waist, legs, calves, arms, and neck with an all-in-one design to do different parts of body massage. 

Also, advanced convenience features like Smart Body Scan automatically detect your height and shoulder-width weight and then matches the right point to give the best comfort during a massage session. Bluetooth speaker allows users to listen to favorite music by connecting their smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth while enjoying deep relaxation on this fantastic chair. 

It also has Heating Therapy which can soothe muscle pain and damage tissues by keeping 40 degrees heat on the lower back area as this chair is also equipped with oxygen therapy which can increase the amount of oxygen in the body and also improve blood circulation. 

Most importantly, it has a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage 12 built-in automatic messages without extra effort.

The space capsule has a zero-gravity massage chair and full-body comfort during massage sessions because of its zero-gravity design, which can reduce heart pressure and increase blood circulation in the whole body. 

It also has 12 automatic massages, including Shiatsu-Multi-point combination kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu air compression at the back, waist, legs, calves, arms, and neck. It also has a foot roller massage and calf airbag massage. The mechanical rollers at the bottom of the foot massage mechanism work together with the foot and calf airbags to give a fantastic lower extremity massage.

Also, it is equipped with advanced convenience features like Bluetooth Speaker allows users to listen to their favorite music by connecting their smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth while enjoying deep relaxation on this fantastic chair.

This chair also has a user-friendly control panel to manage messages without extra effort. You can read the iRest massage chair review.

  • Automatic Massage Functions
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity
  • Yoga Stretching Function
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Calf Airbag Massage
  • AI Voice Control
  • Heavy weight
  • Leg rest manually extend

6) Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner with Bluetooth – Massage Recliner for Tall Man

Massage Recliner for Tall Man

The Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner with Bluetooth is one of the best massage chairs for tall people because it has many great features that will make your long days at work more comfortable. It also comes with a remote controller, which makes it easy to switch between its different modes without struggling too much.

The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner can be easily adjusted, so you won’t have any problem using the massage chair even if you are taller than ordinary people. The soft leather covering on some parts of this machine will give you a fantastic feeling. At the same time, the built-in waist heater aims to improve blood circulation to provide a relaxing heat experience.

Assembling chair equipment might seem complicated, but there is nothing to worry about because this massage chair comes in one box, and it will take you only a few minutes to enjoy its features.

It can be used for different purposes, such as shoulder, hip, and foot massages, so it is recommended for people who spend most of their time sitting on chairs at work or at home. It has four modes: kneading, knocking, stretching, and Thai scrubs, which means your body will get the best care possible from the Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner. 

The company offers a three-year warranty, making customers feel more comfortable buying a massage chair online. The positive reviews left by buyers prove that it is a wise choice, and you will also be satisfied with your purchase.

The best thing about the relaxed massage chair recliner is the free shipping offer given by Amazon, which allows customers to save money they could spend on gas or transportation services if they didn’t buy from the most popular online store in America. 

It is an excellent investment if you want to spend your time feeling comfortable after a long day or relax while watching TV. The price is affordable, and it can be used for different body parts, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a durable and reliable massage chair. It can support 400 lbs. 

  • Built-in Bluetooth music player & USB charger
  • Computer body scan technology
  • Professional massage techniques
  • Professional foot roller massage
  • Footrests extended
  • 3 years warranty
  • Armrests are small

7) Osaki Zero Gravity Space Saving Massage Chair – Big and Tall Massage Recliners

Big and Tall Massage Recliners

The Osaki Zero Gravity Space Saving  Massage Chair is a top choice for those looking for a massage chair that allows them to relax and unwind from their long days. This incredible zero gravity design will allow you to recline into the perfect position, allowing your back muscles to release tension as you sit in this unique chair. 

In addition, it has five different auto-massage programs that use airbags throughout the chair’s body, along with 24 total airbags used within its massaging system.

The most significant selling point of this one is its space-saving technology that slides forward when reclining, so it doesn’t take up any additional spaces! Consider this one if you are trying to find an option that works great without taking up too much room.

While the chair has multiple massage processes, they are intense and feel great! The best part is that you can adjust each of them for different intensity levels, so if some areas need a little more work than others, then you have that option available to you as well. 

Overall, it’s worth considering whether or not your chiropractor suggests getting one since it will help improve your overall health immensely on top of being very relaxing at the same time. 

And with its excellent zero gravity design included, too, there isn’t much else out there like it, making it perfect for those who want something unique but valuable. You have to be careful that it is cumbersome and hard to move.

The massage feels great whether it’s feet, calves, or even upper back/shoulders. 

It also offers lumbar support, which enhances my personal experience, too, since I used to have lower back pain when sitting longer than 30 minutes on standard chairs. Another plus of having the Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Chair at home? You can play any music through speakers while getting massaged !!!

  • Auto massage programs
  • Full body air massage
  • Multi-language support
  • L track roller system
  • 2 Heat pads in back
  • Unique foot roller
  • Assembling is not easy

8) Kyota E330 Kofuko Zero-Gravity Massage Chair – Best Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Kyota E330 Kofuko Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is a high-end massage chair with features. It has an L-track massage system that travels down to the glutes from the neck and shoulders. The four nodes move up and down the spine, airbag compression massage in the shoulders, arms, palms, calves, and feet, dual shiatsu foot rollers for reflexology, and complete back scanning. 

You can choose from nine auto programs or take control of each aspect of the massage yourself using the manual controls in the remote. The Kyota E330 is also made with space-saving zero-wall technology, so you can place it within two inches of a wall without worrying about it hitting.

It is a luxurious piece of furniture for any home. It’s easy to assemble, has simple-to-use controls, and has an extendable footrest that performs Shiatsu reflexology. Nine pre-programmed settings are included with the chair, including one that lets you customize your massage routine.

The massage chair includes airbags in both the shoulders and calves. These airbags massage deep tissue compression by applying targeted pressure to specific body areas.

Located at the bottom of each footrest is a shiatsu foot roller massager, which provides reflexology massage by rolling your feet over the rollers to enhance circulation and reduce stress.

The Kyota E330 Kofuko Zero Gravity Massage Chair has an ergonomically designed remote control that allows you to choose from nine pre-programmed settings or quickly build your custom session. 

The remote includes illuminated buttons that glow in the dark for easy use at nighttime without turning on a light and disturbing others in the room. It also features an integrated cup holder and storage armrest to make it more versatile.

With the massage chair, users can easily switch between manual massage styles or choose from nine automatic programs designed to stimulate, recover and relax the body using different techniques. The pre-packaged settings include rolling, kneading, Shiatsu, and four directional stretches.

  • 9 Auto Programs and Manual Control
  • Designed with everybody in mind
  • Relax the entire human body
  • Good track roller system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable Price
  • The leather smell in the initial days

9) Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair – Large Massage Chair

Large Massage Chair

The Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner with Bluetooth speakers LM-6800S is a safe and easy way to rejuvenate your body. The L-Track System, with four massage rollers that cover the back, thighs, waist, and hips, allows the user to have a full body massage within only 3 inches of the wall. 

The Air Cell Massage Technology covers most of the surface area yet uses a minimal number of air cells for ultimate comfort with increased quality.

The Zero gravity positions help increase blood circulation, allowing oxygenated blood to rush through your body, giving you more energy and focus throughout the day. With three stages of zero gravity positions, this chair provides a customized comfort fit every time, making it almost impossible to find a more comfortable and relaxing chair on the market.

The air cell massage technology is a high-density bubble-style cushion that uses only a minimal number of air cells to gain maximum comfort while using low pressure to simultaneously apply support and stretch. With this design, no matter how large or small your body is, you will experience deep tissue that focuses on particular areas such as the lower back, neck, and shoulders with just the right amount of pressure for increased blood circulation and rejuvenation.

  • New Remote Design with Backlight
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • 5 Levels of Speed of Roller
  • 5 Levels of Air Pressure
  • 4 Stretching Programs
  • 4 Basic Daily Programs
  • Installation is not easy

10) Mynta Full Body Massage Recliner – Best Massage Chair for the Money

Best Massage Chair for the Money

The Mynta Massage Chair is an excellent purchase for those who find lower back pain. Whether you spend long hours sitting at the office or just want to relax after a hard day’s work, this massage cushion can help ease tension.

The Mynta Massage Chair Is the best massage chair for the money. It has all the necessary features to get that much-needed relief when you need it most. Daily stressors often lead to body aches and pains, which can be alleviated by using Mynta Massage Chair daily. 

The seven automatic massage programs, including Thai stretches and 32 airbags, decrease all your muscle tension and fatigue. It is enough for the whole household. You can enjoy the massage from neck to toe. It comes with 3 zero gravity positions which will improve blood circulation in your body and reduce heart pressure. 

The remote controller helps you to set the roller speed and strength and target your desired body parts. The one-year warranty secures your payment for 12 months. 

  • Two back wheels are for easy movement
  • 3D Robot Hands Massage Techniques
  • 7 Automatic Modes with Thai Stretch
  • Fast Heating in 3 Minutes
  • Deep Zero Gravity
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Remote could be more User Friendly

Buyer’s Guide

Some features are essential in the best massage chair for a tall person. You should check these factors before buying a massage chair. 

Shiatsu Massage

A shiatsu-style massage chair provides much relief from any pain in your body. It activates the pressure points and helps to release the tension. You can quickly eliminate stiffness by sitting on it for fifteen minutes. 

Shiatsu Massage has many health benefits not only for you but also for your whole family. Heat therapy is essential to reduce your spine pain after heavy work. It improves blood circulation and provides relief in muscle tension and fatigue.

Air Massage

It uses air pressure to massage your back and other body parts. This will give you a relaxing feeling after use. An airbag is used for this purpose. Some models of massage chairs adjust automatically according to your body contour. 

This type of massage chair uses an airbag on all four sides of the chair’s back section. The primary purpose of this feature is to provide a gentle rocking motion as it massages your upper, middle, and lower areas using a combination of various nodes on the back pad. 

Kneading Massage

The kneading massage uses different techniques from all the mentioned above in this article. It focuses more on the pressure points located in the body. The deep tissue massage is helpful for lower back pain. It deeply massages your body muscles and relaxes your mind.


They should mainly be considered by those who want to buy. The size and weight of the chair can impact your ability to use it, even if you set it up in a good location. We’ll discuss the dimensions and weight of each chair we’ve reviewed and what is an important consideration when making this purchase! 

Seeing as many people like massage chairs that are large and sturdy, it is always good to have a strong base no matter what usage you will get from it. There is more than three zero gravity sitting positions in the massage chair. 

You can customize and use the sitting position as per your body. The massage chair’s dimensions should be checked to use it properly. The foot extension can easily accommodate your height. 


The material of the chair is also an important thing. Many materials are used in massage chairs, such as mesh, vinyl, and faux leather. Different materials will offer you different feels when you use them, depending on what type of feel you want when you use the chair. 

You should remember that a massage chair for tall people comes with various features and accessories which make it more suitable for your home and thus your overall satisfaction. 

People of all prefer massage over medicine at times. For a tall person, a massage chair is the best option. A massage chair works on your tense and tired muscles and can provide you relief from stress. 


The chair’s weight should also be considered by those who want to buy it. The heavier chair will always give you a solid feel when you sit on it, while a lighter one can move more quickly, which is unsuitable for your usage because the movement can result in accidents.

Always keep in mind that the massage chair size should fit your body. The massage chair comes with a limited weight capacity. Therefore you should check the massage chair weight limit before purchasing it.


We hope you have enjoyed looking at the reviews and the pros and cons of the top massage chairs available. We hope you found the best chair to fit your needs!

So now that we have gone through reviews and features, we’ll look into why we selected these popular options as the best ones available.

The choices here are not definitive; it all depends on what you need in a massager. You may find many other great models or brands out there. This is just what we think will help those looking for reviews of our top picks if you’re interested in more than simply getting a massage chair.

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