What Gaming Chair Does Pokimane Use

What Gaming Chair Does Pokimane Use (2)

You may be curious about the Gaming chair that Pokimane uses. Well, we have every answer to your question regarding her chair. Pokimane is a most popular and best-loved Moroccan – Canadian Twitch Gamer, Streamer, and Youtuber. Pokimane’s gaming setup is something that can inspire …

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Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

best office chair for neck pain

The long hour sitting in the office chair without neck support over time neck pain decreases your focus and productivity in the office. There is pressure on your neck due to the lousy posture; therefore, buying a better chair is an excellent idea to have …

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Best Pregnancy Chair with Lumbar Support

Best Chair for Pregnancy

Being pregnant brings new challenges to the mommies who have to work. Many soon-to-be moms face new challenges expecting, such as hormone changes, weight gain, posture changes, stress, and muscle separation.  Maintaining a healthy posture during pregnancy is crucial, and finding an office chair that …

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10 Best Office Chairs for Degenerative Disc Disease

Best Office Chair for Degenerative Disc Disease

Are you having pain because of degenerative disc disease? Research has found that sitting for a long time in one position on a comfortable chair may cause compression of the spine’s discs. The degenerative disease is part of aging and lack of lumbar support during …

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