What Gaming Chair Does Pokimane Use

You may be curious about the Gaming chair that Pokimane uses. Well, we have every answer to your question regarding her chair. Pokimane is a most popular and best-loved Moroccan – Canadian Twitch Gamer, Streamer, and Youtuber.

Pokimane’s gaming setup is something that can inspire you. As she’s your favorite Gamer and Streamer, you must add the same chair as Pokimane’s in your streaming setup.

Which chair contributes to Pokimane’s success?

What Gaming Chair Does Pokimane Use

So, what streaming chair is she using?

It’s a Herman Miller Aeron chair, a premium office chair that is very effective and useful for gaming and youtube streaming purposes.

I know you just wanted to grasp this chair as quickly as possible. So, it would be best if you continue reading to learn about this chair’s benefits and disadvantages and where you can buy it.

Well, now take an outlook on Pokimane’s Gaming Career

Pokimane was one of the first and the most popular female streamer. Her Twitch Channel was the most followed one. She is famous for her Game Streaming content like Valorant, League of Legends, Among us, and Fortnite.

Leading Advantages of Pokimane’s Herman Miller Chair

Herman Miller Aeron is widely used for all purposes, including gaming and workspace. It’s the finest quality and sturdiness, making it suitable for those long hours of play.

Here are some critical edges of the Herman Miller Aeron that will highlight why it’s Poki’s gaming chair of preference.

Comfortable Posture

If you’ve experienced back pain while gaming before, the Aeron chair will surely help you alleviate the pain. Because this chair has two advance plus points;

• Posture Fit SL
• Harmonic 2 Tilt

These ergonomic technologies will ensure that your back is comfortable and supported enough for doing long hours of gaming. And no doubt, due to its comfortableness, this chair is being purchased widely by many worldwide.

No more Heating Problem

The most significant advancement of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is made up of good quality Pelicille fabric that makes it better than the leather chairs.

Leather chairs are so uncomfortable. They overheat, which is not suitable for gamers because they’d have to stay cool so they can play easily for long hours. Pokimane’s chair is made of premium quality fabric, which ensures the pass out of heat and water vapors so that it reduces heat and warmness.

Three color choices

On top of the wide selection of customization choices, you’ll also choose from three distinctive colorways. All the colors accessible are neutral and dark. Therefore you’ll match them to any vice setup. The color includes Mineral, Oynx, and Carbon. Poki opted for the Mineral color, with an additional headrest in Oynx.

Disadvantages of Pokimane’s Hermon Chair

Pokimane is one of the old streaming chair users. After getting wrist pain, she splendid money on a Herman Miller Aeron chair to resolve the issue. But, it didn’t work. After some time, she switched back to her old Epic gaming chair!

So, you’re thinking of buying Pokimane’s Hermon chair? Check out Pokimane’s buying advice for the Hermon Chair after the failed experiment.

In 2021, Pokimane started suffering from wrist pain. To fix this problem, she switched to a Herman Miller Aeron chair. But unluckily, it proved to be a big, costly mistake.

Pokimane’s Aeron Chair Experiment

Pokimane gaming chair

Here’s an immediate chart of Pokimane’s failed Aeron experiment.
Pokimane picks a small-sized Aeron Chair. Specified her 5’4″ frame; the Size A version is the best option!

Herman Miller sponsors are several high streamers like Timthe Tatman. However, Pokimane isn’t a partner. She bought the chair and her own money on her terms.

Is it beneficial to buy a Herman Miller Chair?

There’s a little question concerning it; Pokimane’s chair may be excellent. However, it will not be the correct gamer throne for everybody.

The main thought you wish to form once selecting a play chair is worth it. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is at the highest finish of the spectrum once it involves worth, which is often enough to place anybody off.

If cash isn’t a problem, and you rank comfort over all else, you must get a Herman Miller Aeron.

These chairs are specifically designed for high-end offices, implying you won’t feel discomfort sitting within the chair for 9+ hours at a time.

If you’re a zealous gamer, you’ll do stints even longer than this; therefore, the Herman Miller Aeron can keep you cool and comfy throughout.

However, the Herman Miller Aeron isn’t specifically a play chair. Play chair area units are sometimes designed to possess a selected look that may match typical play setups.

They’re typically animal skin and embrace RGB colors that may match your alternative play accessories. If this is often the type of factor your once, then a Herman Miller chair isn’t the chair for you.
You would be more suited to a chair designed specifically for play, from a complete like the Vertagear, Noble chairs, or Secret lab.

Is Pokimane’s gaming chair the most advanced option to purchase?

It all depends on what you’re searching for in a streaming chair. If you want a high-end, high-end chair with the excellent build quality and comfortable posture and don’t care about the value, the Pokimanes chair may be a perfect selection.

However, suppose you’d like a Streaming chair that’s additional style-oriented and fits the gamer aesthetic. In that case, you may be comfortable selecting another choice, just like the Secret lab Titan or Noble chairs Hero.

Where am I able to buy Pokimane’s Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

You can obtain the Aeron chair in stick or create to order directly from the Herman Miller website. Delivery takes around ten working days; as an alternative, you’ll be able to select a chair with similar specs, like this one on Amazon, and find it sooner with Prime delivery choices.

Pokimane’s old chair: Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair

Before Herman Miller Aeron, Pokimane was using the Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair. It’s judiciously named for an epic gamer such as herself.

Noble chairs is an ergonomic chair production company. They had two other streaming chairs, the HERO and the ICON. You’ll be able to additionally acquire accessories like footrests, memory foam pillows, cushions, and gas lifts through their website.

The EPIC chair is one of the foremost beloved chairs by Noble chairs. Let’s take a more in-depth check at the options of this unimaginable streaming chair; that is the reason why Pokimane bought it.

Well Secured and Well made Base

The toughened metallic element used to create the bottom of the EPIC chair is powder-coated in a very sleek matte black. It’s robust, too, because the chair will hold 265 pounds.

Noble chairs created a flat base with five arms for the EPIC. This makes back-support reclining simple, even if you go all thirty-five degrees. There’s no risk of crooking and not feeling so stable.

4D Armrests for More Adjustability

Nowadays, a 3D armrest area unit is merely not enough. Gamers want all the flexibility that 4D armrests deliver. You’ll also set the armrests’ tilt and vertical height and change them laterally and horizontally.

The EPIC chair has polymer armrests with slight texturing for long-run comfort. You’ll even work on this chair; it’s nice to use.

Comfortable Posture

Your comfort could be a significant concern for Noble chairs. That’s why they enclosed twin body parts and neck pillows with the acquisition of the EPIC chair. Each pillow is made up of identical Best quality leather. They feature branded seamed logos and are removable.

Color Choosing Option

An all-black chair is excellent. However, what if you wish color?

Noble chairs offer you the choice. The EPIC comes in hues like white with black handicraft, black with green handicraft, black with blue handicraft, black with red handicraft, and black with yellow handicraft.

Where Can You buy EPIC Pokimane’s Chair?

pokimane gaming chair

You can’t wait to shop for a chair like Pokimane’s. Wherever can you search the EPIC from Noble chairs thus you’ll order it right away? Here are some online resources to find it.

Noblechairs Website

Noble chairs’ website is the place to shop for your EPIC chair, similar to Pokimane uses. This can be direct from the manufacturer; thus, you have the foremost customization choices.


Outside of Noble chairs and their selling partners, you’ll forever figure Amazon. Their version of the EPIC recreation chair comes in black with red sewing. You may not be able to make modifications to the color. However, you continue to get all the excellent options found within the EPIC chair we discussed.

Price of Pokimane’s Chair

It will cost about $427 if you buy it from Noblechair’s website. If you want more leather coating, you’ve to pay more, around $529.

Alternative to Pokimane’s Gaming Chair

If you’re still searching for a Gaming Chair just like Pokimane’s, we’ve got you! These are the options that beat Pokimane’s Gaming Chair;
DXRacer Racing Series
Homall S-Racer Racing Style Gaming Chair
• GTRacing Racing Stule Gaming Chair (ASIN B07FT7D7C4)

Pokimane’s Gaming Setup
Pokimane’s Gaming Mouse and Keyboard are from Hyperx. Also, you can buy these Pokimane gaming accessories from Amazon.


Pokimane is a renowned Twitch and YouTube gamer and streamer glorious for her League of Legends gameplay. She favors Noble chairs’ EPIC recreation chair. This high-quality, leather-coated seat offers hours of snug recreation.

Now, you recognize where to search out similar Epic chairs as Pokimane’s for yourself. You,s furthermore, might have some different recommendations that are even as smart as this chair or even better than this chair. Your gaming is just about to be more advanced with the help of this chair!


Which Head-set does Poki use?

She uses HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset.

What Keyboard does she use?

She uses HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

What kind of Camera does Poki have?

She uses a Sony Alpha a6000.

What is Pokimane job?

Pokimane dropped her Chemical Engineering Degree to full-time Game Streaming on Twitch. Since then, she got an entire career in Game streaming on this platform and became famous as a content creator on Youtube and TikTok.

How much does Pokimane earn?

As estimated according to her views, she made around 1 Million$ from advertisements on her Twitch Channel.

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