Do Massage Chairs Work

After buying a thousand-dollar massage chair, you are worried about thinking, ”do massage chairs work”. If you want to solve your query about ”are massage chairs good for you than a professional massage therapist. Then you have come to the right place.

Massage chairs work better and have become popular compared to massage therapists. Massage chairs are a cost-effective solution that offers you many health benefits. You may enjoy massage using your massage chairs according to your convenient schedule. Modern massage chair benefits you by using vibratory motors, airbags, discs, and rollers.

Do Massage Chairs Work

do massage chair work

What is a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs are relaxing chairs that give you head-to-toe massage treatment at home, offices, salons, hospitals, airports, and malls. Massage chairs offer a headrest, footrest, lumbar support, zero gravity, Bluetooth, and heat therapy massaging.

Massage chairs are available in different massaging programs and techniques. Massage chairs offer perfect massage therapy using vibration, air pressure, kneading, and heating techniques. You should need a good massage chair for health and lifestyle needs. Following are the massage chair types that make you comfortable by using different features.

  • Full body massage chairs
  • Heated massage chairs
  • Zero gravity massage chairs
  • Ottoman massage chairs
  • Air massage chairs

How do Massage Chair Work

To understand the question ” do massage chairs work”, you should know how massage chairs work. The massage chair uses techniques like a massage therapist’s kneading, compression, and heat therapy. Usually, a massage chair performs the massaging function by using a microprocessor.

Most massage chairs work with motors that induce vibrations in your muscles. These vibrations help massage therapy for your body. You may be able to control the vibrations by using a massage chair. Rollers are also an essential component in massage chair work.

Rollers rotate in circles and in different directions to give you a human hand like a massage action. Other massage chairs work with airbags. These airbags create pressure in your body through inflation and deflation. The airbags relax your muscles through the ‘karate chop’ massage method.

Massage chairs work with an electric motor and a programmable controller. The programmable controller in a massage chair transmits electrical signals to the engine that gives you relieving massage therapy.

You may adjust the massaging programs by adjusting the intensity levels. Massage chairs offer you low, medium, and high-intensity levels. That’s how massage chairs work to relieve your stress and pain.

Working Components of a Massage Chair

Massage chair features are different from brand to brand. Massage chairs work better than massage therapists by using various components. The critical elements of massage chairs are the following:

1. Massage Chairs Motors

The Osaki massage chair’s motor is an essential component in the working of vibratory chairs. The motors of the massage chairs allow the chair to vibrate properly by using wheels or gears. Therefore, wheels are essential for proper zero-gravity seating.

The vibrations produced from the motors specifically target a painful region of the body. So vibrating chairs help to relax your muscles with different intensity levels. If you need a massage chair with five vibration settings with nine massaging modes, then Mcombo Vibration Massage Chair is the best option.

2. Massage Chairs Rollers

If you think about ”how a roller massage chair works,” a roller massage chair works by gears, rollers, motors, and some vibrating systems. Rollers are an essential component in therapy massage chairs. Roller massage chairs work by applying pressure to your muscles to reduce pain.

Rollers work by up, down, and horizontal movement. Roller massage chairs treat the massaging like human hands by rotating in circles. If you want an upward, rolling massage chair that reduces lower back pain, then Zero Gravity Massage Recliner is the perfect buying decision for you.

You may also use heated roller massage chairs after a tough working day for relieving and relaxing pain. The OWAYS massage chair is a good option if you need a V-shaped roller massage chair

3. assage Chairs Airbags

Airbags are also the core component of a massage chair. Airbags are mainly placed on a massage chair’s neck, arm, and leg. Massage chair uses airbags to give you massaging treatment by expanding and compressing the airbags.

When the airbags of a massage chair expand, they will soothe your muscles by releasing pressure. Airbags are controlled with the microprocessor. You may adjust the airbags to tight and loose according to your needs. You may also use the zero gravity chair with massage and heat to relax your muscles.

4. microprocessor

The microprocessor is the brain of the massage chair that stores your massage instructions. The massage chair’s brain gets massaging instructions from a remote control that gives you previous massaging techniques. The high-quality massage chair offers better microprocessors that perform perfectly than the inexpensive massage chairs.

5. emote control

The remote control is also a necessary part of a massage chair. The remote control is a portable device that helps you to adjust your massaging programs. You may modify the intensity levels with the remote control. However, you may not change your previous massage setting from a remote control.

Benefits of a Massage Chair

”Do massage chair works” is easy to determine by knowing the benefits of a massage chair. Following are the advantages of a massage chair that shows you that a massage chair works for you.

Health Benefits

According to research, massage chairs give you many health benefits. After your hectic working day, massage chairs help to reduce your headache, back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. The zero gravity electric massage chairs reduce pain and improve breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, blood circulation, and the lymphatic system.

You may also be able to get better sleep by using massage chairs. It would be best to consider using an upright massage chair to improve your posture. The back massage chairs help to reduce lower back pain and improve the quality of life.

Comfort Massage at Home

The most positive point about a massage chair is that you may enjoy massage therapy by using your chair at home. You do not need to make an appointment with a professional massage therapist when you have your massage chair. You may use the massage chair at a suitable time. You may prefer to use the zero gravity recliner massage chair for a comfortable massage session at home.

Get a Longer Massage Session

You may enjoy a more extended massage therapy session at home. You are not bound to use a chair for a limited time compared to a spa or massage therapist. When you buy a home massage chair, you may take the massage treatment as much as you want.

Multitask Massage Chair

You may say that massage chairs are multitasking chairs. You can do anything by sitting on a massage chair. You may use phones, watch TV, read a book, or even do other work by taking a massage treatment from massage chairs. You may not be able to do additional work if you take a massage from a spa or professional masseur.

Controllable Massage

You can easily control or adjust massage treatment according to your needs using expensive massage chairs. You may be able to get a more powerful message by targeting the painful body parts. You can also make your own zero gravity chair.

Durable Massage Chairs

You may prefer to buy an expensive massage chair as it is long-lasting, durable, and stable. The high-end massage chairs offer you a five or ten-year warranty option. Therefore, going to a masseur is not a good option because you may enjoy the durable massage chair for many years.

Massage chairs save money.

Massage chairs are more cost-effective than massage therapists as the cost is about $60 for one hour. the durable zero gravity massage chair’s price is approximately $1000. Therefore massage chairs are a worthwhile investment that saves you money in the long term.


Massage chairs are a great way to reduce the whole day’s tiredness. You do not need to think anymore, ”do massage chairs work”. From the above benefits and the methods of massage chairs, it is clear to you that massage chairs work for you to improve your quality of life. The massage chair under $2000 provides full body massage and reduces muscle tension.

It would be best to consider buying the right massage chair, rollers, and airbags. Massage chairs are better options for you than vibratory massage chairs. Want to check more information on Wikipedia?


Q1: Do massage chairs help you lose weight?

It’s a wrong belief that you may lose weight faster by a single massage session by increasing your metabolism. You will not lose weight if you get massages in a massage recliner. However, you may lose weight with a massage chair by taking a proper diet and exercise.

Q2: Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Every massage chair uses about 1 amp of electricity. Massage chairs save a lot of electricity. The maximum power for massage chairs is a 110-volt outlet.

Q3: Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

Doctors compared the home massage chairs to massage therapists to treat lower back pain. Massage chairs are a worthwhile treatment option for reducing pain and improving quality of life. Also, doctors do recommend massage chairs with other treatment methods.