Are Massage Chairs Good for You

Massage chairs are the perfect solution for improving your quality of life when you become tired or face so much physical and mental stress from your daily busy routine.

Are massage chairs good for you? The truthful answer is yes, but you need the right massage chair. Massage chairs not only relax your back but also improve blood circulation. Tall Massage chairs have specific reclining technology that gives you many health benefits than the simple massage treatment.

Massage chairs are a worthwhile investment that helps to reduce tiredness and prepare you for the next working day with passion and energy.

Are Massage Chairs Good for You

how to use massage chair

How do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs come in various designs and models, and they all function uniquely. The massage chairs’ technology is standard and more fundamental than expected. A variety of vibration motors are used in most back massage chairs.

With gears, rollers, and vibrating devices, the vibratory motors offer you a unique massage experience. The vibrations produced by massage therapy help your muscles to relax and contract. The gears function by unbalancing the wheel when the electric motor turns it, allowing the wheel to revolve.

Although each massage chair is unique in structure and body regions it may target, the technology is the same. The roller massage chair tries to perform like the hand massage, although it is typically more powerful.

In contrast to vibration and roller massage chairs, airbag massage chairs offer expanding airbags incorporated into the cushions. The strength of the massage and the speed of massage therapy are usually adjustable in most massage chairs.

You may also get heat therapy from Osaki chairs using heated pads and rollers that produce warm massages like the spa treatment massage. You may also look for the shopping mall massage chairs, which come in different styles.

Back chair massagers work by the following different types:

  • Massage ball rollers
  • Hand-held back massager
  • Deep-tissue “percussion” massager

How to Use Massage Chairs

As you know, how does a massage chair work? You should also need to understand how to use a massage chair properly. Massage chairs are an easy way to enjoy comfortable massages at home.

You may use the massage chair by placing yourself in a comfortable position. Take the remote and push the power button; it automatically sets the program. You may consider the following four easy tips in massage chair usage:

  • Start slowly.
  • Check the settings on your massage chair.
  • Consider your problematic regions.
  • Clean and maintain your massage chair properly.

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of making appointments at your local massage parlor to have a soothing massage. It would be best to consider using the back massager chair near you.

Benefits of Massage Chair

“Are massage chairs good for you” is easy to determine because massage chairs provide you with many beneficial benefits related to health. A good massage chair helps relieve pain and relax your body without the social touch. Sears Massage Chairs has body massagers that allow you to relieve pain. 

You may be able to get a massage in the privacy of your own home. Moreover, you may easily take a massage from a massage chair according to your suitable time. These are some main reasons you prefer massage chairs to simple massage.

I will provide massage chair benefits that prove massage chairs are good for you.

1. Massage Chair Reduces Back Pain

When questions like, do massage chairs help back pain, are massage chairs good for your back, and is massage good for back pain, come into mind. The simple answer is yes. Back pain is the most common problem in the world. The massage chairs for the back may give you long-term relief from persistent back pain. You may experience back pain when you overwork or your muscles become too tight.

A lower back massage chair relaxes your muscles by increasing blood flow to areas of your back.

The back massage chair’s heat may help you alleviate back pain by warming up the lower back. The massage chair for back pain relieves your back strain by improving circulation and nutrition absorption.

Therefore you should benefit from the massage chair for lower back pain. Using the massage chair to reduce sciatic pain by its SL track system, you may use the massage chair. The Kahuna massage chair is the best overall massage chair for sciatica.

Sometimes, your back hurts after massage chair usage because you do not use it properly or excessively.

2. Massage Chair Reduces Stress

In several trials, therapy massage chairs have been proven to reduce physical and psychological stress problems. After 10 to 15 minutes of massage, oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and the hormone cortisol are all lower to maintain your body. You may consider the massage chairs as stress-ease chairs.

When you sit on an electric back massager chair, it stretches and vibrates to heal your muscle tension, pain, and stress. Resultantly, serotonin and dopamine are produced that help you to reduce chronic or habitual stress. A massage chair uses a gear or a weighted wheel that generates a sequence of vibrations and helps to reduce stress.

Shiatsu massage chairs are good for you because they help you to relieve stress and help you to sleep better. It also improves your posture and back pain.

3. Massage Chairs Improve Sleep

You may get better sleep from using massage chairs. It is most likely because they help in relieving stress and enhancing relaxation. A good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining health and wellness, so a massage chair may be a practical solution if you have trouble sleeping.

An excellent massaging chair raises serotonin levels that your brain converts into melatonin. So relax in your chair before bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. You may use the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair as the best massage chair for fibromyalgia.

4. Massage Chairs Improves Posture

Sometimes, you may be uncomfortable due to sitting in the wrong posture. You may maintain and improve your posture by using the massage chair. Massage chairs enhance spinal alignment and maintain blood flow to all body parts. The massage chairs are an excellent option for improving scoliosis.

You may easily maintain the structure of the skeletal system. You may treat your scoliosis and neck and shoulder deflection with regular usage of a massage chair. An Impulse Massage Chair is a good option if you want individual neck, back, and hip massage.

Is it true that ”massage chairs are suitable for arthritis?

According to medical professionals, regular massage from massage chairs can help reduce arthritic symptoms significantly.

5. Massage Chairs Boost Immune System

“Is a massage chair good for you,” is a question that makes you rethink using a massage chair. Yes, massage chairs are good for you compared to painful chairs like wooden ones.

It is important to note that only 30 minutes of massage daily can enhance your body’s lymphocyte count. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that enable the body to fight against infections and control the immune system’s reaction to foreign invaders.

When the body’s lymphocyte count rises, it helps the body fight common infections, including colds, fevers, and flu. According to researchers, massage chairs are suitable for increasing natural immunity.

6. Massage Chairs Improves Blood Flow

The proper and better blood flow in the body helps you heal the injury and remove poisons. It also increases the production of endorphins, a natural molecule that supports the body and handles pain and stress.

A roller system moves and vibrates to all regions of the back of the body to provide you with massage programs such as punching and squeezing. In this way, massage chairs improve blood circulation in your body. Your blood may easily circulate throughout the different regions of the muscle due to the massage chair’s Zero Gravity function.

7. Massage Chairs Improves Metabolism

One essential factor that directly affects your body’s weight is metabolism. Your body’s metabolism will not be able to burn enough calories if it is slow. A massage chair can improve your metabolism in many ways. Regular massage treatments will enhance your sleep cycle, and a better sleep cycle means a faster metabolism.

So, it is easy to answer a question about do massage chairs help you lose weight. Yes, massage chairs help to lose weight by increasing your body’s metabolism. The Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair may help you in losing weight.

So, are massage chairs good for you? You have got your answer from the above benefits. Generally, massage chairs are a safe and non-invasive option for you. However, when you misuse a massage chair or overuse it, you may experience some minor adverse effects of massage chairs. The negative impacts of massage chairs are the following:

  • Infectious skin disease
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Back sore
  • A rash
  • Muscle spasms

Is Using a Massage Chair While Pregnant Safe?

Massage chairs are helpful for pregnant ladies in managing the problems of pregnancy, such as a painful back, restless nights of sleep, and difficulty in relaxing. So if you are worried about the question, can you use vibrating back massagers while pregnant, then the answer is yes. When you use vibrating back massagers, they do not affect your belly; thus, they are safe.

The back and leg massage chairs are particularly beneficial for pregnant women. The massage chair offers many benefits to pregnant women because the massage chair strengthens some of the muscles that play an essential role during childbirth. Back massaging chairs may help you in delivery and labor.


While you’re pregnant, you should keep the following precautions in mind before using the back massager:

  • You should not use the massage chair for more than 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Stop using the massage chair when you feel headache, dizziness, or back sore after massage chair usage or anything else that you haven’t felt before.
  • Avoid using a massage chair during your first trimester for your safety.
  • Avoid squeezing onto your massage chair during the third trimester. Don’t use it if you’re too large.
  • It would help if you avoided the massagers with any heat pad and electric back massagers with heat.

If you are confused about the question, “can I use a neck massager while pregnant.” Then yes, you can use a neck massager because a massage chair is safe and helps relieve some aches and pains.


“Are massage chairs good for you” is a question that you should no longer be concerned about now. As massage chairs provide many health benefits, they are a good option.

Sitting in a massage chair may enhance your immune system, relax your body, reduce discomfort, strengthen your muscles, improve your breathing and circulation, and increase your mood. Unlike a professional massage session, massage chairs do not involve undressing or awkward postures. Therefore, massage chairs are better for you if you use them properly. Even you can reset the massage chair by yourself.


Q1: Can I use the massage chair daily?

According to medical experts, you can use a massage chair depending on your physiological state, but if you’re using it to relieve stress, you should only use it for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day.

Q2: Are massage chairs beneficial for your health?

Yes, the best massage chairs are good for your health and help maintain healthy blood pressure and heart rate. Your immune system has improved from massage chairs. You may also improve your posture and sleep quality by using massage chairs.

Q3: Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

Doctors often depend on more traditional therapeutic strategies when alleviating pain or anxiety. However, doctors also advised the best and proper use of massage chairs for various health reasons.