Are Massage Chairs Worth it

Massage chairs are considered a significant investment, costly massage chairs. This considerable investment makes you worry about thinking, ”is a massage chair worth it”. However, this question depends on the massage chair price and your usage criteria.

Massage chairs are worth it if you enjoy massage therapy regularly, and if you will use massage chairs rarely, then it is not considered a worthwhile option than a massage therapist.

From the massage chair reviews, massage chairs are undoubtedly worth considering options that provide numerous health benefits. The high-quality and expensive Osaki massage chairs are more worth the money than cheap massage chairs.

Are Massage Chairs Worth the Money

is a massage chair worth it

If you are thinking about ”are massage chairs worth it”, then yes, they are a worthwhile investment compared to masseurs. A massage therapist costs about $45 to $200, which varies from spa to spa, while a good massage chair is approximately $2500 to $10,000, which differs based on features and brands.

Taking massage therapy daily from a professional therapist will not be a better option than good massage chairs. So, massage chairs are more worth the price than a masseur. When I checked the consumer reports about massage chairs, most people commented that ”massage chair changed my life” while few people who need a massage chair only once a month commented that ”I regret buying a massage chair”. However, I feel the overall message chair experience is outstanding.

Buying expensive massage chairs is a significant investment. Worthwhile massage chairs are those chairs that give you maximum benefits and remain last longer. Consider purchasing a high-quality chair massage if you need a good massage chair. It would help if you did not consider only the price of the massage chairs, but you must also look for the features of the massage chairs.

Buying a high-quality massage chair is worth it if you do not want social contact from massage therapy due to fear of contagious diseases because massage treatment from massage chairs does not need any social connection.

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost

The high-end massage chairs are worth a diamond as these chairs offer you many health and financial benefits. Now you are wondering ”how much are massage chairs”. The massage chair cost ranges from $500 to $10,000. The massage chair under $2000 provides good full-body massage. The budget massage chair is under $1000.

But as you need worthwhile massage chairs, so you question how much a massage chair costs of high quality. A high-quality massage chair price is about $6000 to 10,000. After knowing the massage chair’s worth, you may be asking the big question to yourself, ”is a massage chair worth it.” Massage chairs are worth the money to improve the quality of life.

Usually, expensive, high-quality massage chairs give you many more outstanding features than cheap ones. But you may also benefit yourself from low-cost good massage chairs.

Why Massage Chairs are Worth it.

Massage chairs are a good option if you need more prolonged massage therapy at home at your convenient time than a massage therapist. So, this makes your concern clear ”are massage chairs worth it.” Let’s understand the benefits of massage chairs to determine why getting a massage chair is more than worthwhile. Following are the benefits of a massage chair that helps you to get the answer to ”does massage chairs work”.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Is a massage chair suitable for you” the simple answer is yes; massage chairs are perfect for providing many health benefits. The massage chairs are the ideal option for reducing tiredness and pain. It would help if you had a good massage chair after a hectic working day to relieve the headaches, back pain, and neck pain.

Massage chairs also improve the heart rate, blood circulation, lymphatic system, breathing, and digestive system. You can also promote metabolism and good posture by using massage chairs. Massage chairs are a great way to relax muscles and induce better sleep.

Save Money

Massage chairs are not only good for providing health benefits but also give you financial benefits. Massage chairs save you money compared to regular massage treatment from a professional therapist.

Once buying a massage chair is a better option than taking massage therapy daily from a masseur. You may take longer massage sessions from a massage chair without extra money. That’s how massage chairs are a worthwhile investment that is good for long-term usage.

Save Time

Massage chairs also save you time, as time is valuable for everyone now. You may enjoy the massage at your convenient time. You do not need to make an appointment for massage therapy. Massage chairs enable you to take a massage at home without visiting the spa quickly.

Safe Option

If you are pregnant and this question makes you worried, ”are massage chairs safe to use while pregnant.” Then you should not need to worry because massage chairs are a safe option.

Indeed, massage chairs are helpful for you in treating pregnancy symptoms. It would help if you used the precautions before taking massage therapy from massage chairs. Massage chairs have no risks, so it is a safe option for children and everyone.

If you have a question, ”are massage chairs bad for you”, overall, massage chairs are not bad for you, but if you overuse or misuse the massage chairs, then massage chairs may cause some minor adverse effects on your body.

What to Look For in a Massage Chair

”Should I buy a massage chair” now? This question will not confuse you about your buying decision of massage chairs. It would help if you considered buying the best massage chair for unlimited benefits. It would help to consider these factors before purchasing a massage chair.


You will get a simple rolling massage chair with minimum features if you want an inexpensive massage chair. Roller massage chairs help in soothing your muscles. When you buy an expensive and high-quality massage chair, you will get maximum functions and benefits.

The best massage chairs offer a zero-gravity feature that enables you to maintain weight during massage therapy. You will also get the S track and L track features from the best massage chairs. That’s how best massage chairs prove the question of ”is a massage chair worth it.” Following are some Best Massage Chairs options for you:

Real Relax Massage Chair

Humantouch 7.1 Massage Chair

RelaxonChair Full Body Massage Chair


It would be best if you were looking for a massage chair that offers you many positions. Choosing a massage chair with foot, leg, arm, wrist, and back massages is best. You may also select a massage chair with heat therapy massaging action. You may adjust the positions of massage chairs according to your needs. You must look at the size of a massage chair that best fits your room.


Indeed, you are in search of massage chairs that are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you should consider buying expensive, high-quality massage chairs that provide massage therapy for a long time.


The price of massage chairs is also an important factor before buying a massage chair. The cost of massage chairs depends on the features, brand, quality, and type of massage chairs. If you do not have enough budget to buy a massage chair, you should look for massage chairs that offer your only need features.

If the cost is not your priority, then buy a high-priced, high-end, and durable massage chair. If you want to know how to get insurance to pay for a massage chair, you need to understand the following steps:

  • The first step is to check the insurance policy
  • Secondly, determine your disease and illness
  • The last step is to discuss with your doctor

Here are some other facts that you may also think before buying a massage chair:

  • Good massage chairs reviews
  • Best customer service
  • Solid motor
  • Maintenance
  • Fabric

Final Thoughts

So, are massage chairs worth it? You will think that massage chairs are a worthwhile investment from the above discussion. Massage chairs are indeed good for you for many health benefits. The only thing is that you should select the right massage chair that will give you good massaging techniques.


Q1: Are massage chairs good for you?

A high-quality massage chair soothes your muscles by increasing blood flow to back parts deficient in oxygen and nutrients. If you face muscular spasms, the heat from the massage chair will warm up your body region, decreasing the frequency of the cramps.

Q2: How many times should you use a massage chair?

You should usually take the massage therapy from a massage chair 1 to 3 times per week and prefer to use it in the evening after work or before bedtime. However, a daily 15 minutes massage is enough to relax the body.

Q3: May I overuse the massage chair?

You may suffer from inflammation and muscle and tissue damage if you overuse or misuse massage chairs. Moreover, the massage chair motor will get damaged by excessive usage. So, it would be best if you did not try to overuse the massage chair.