How to Reset Massage Chair

You become tired and sleep restlessly due to your hectic daily routine. Massage chairs are the best possible solution to relax and help you to sleep better. Massage chairs may also improve chronic health issues, including arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and depression, and relax your body.

The massage chair must be manually reset to support and relax your body. You may adjust the chair according to your needs. Therefore you should learn how to reset massage chairs to get maximum benefit. A proper reset massage chair at the end of the day relaxes you and prepares you for the next day.

How do You Reset the Massage Chair

reset massage chair

A good massage chair is better than going to the spa or wellness center daily. Although it may appear that managing a massage chair at home is simple, you need to comprehend how to reset massage chairs.

You may reset the massage chairs by yourself without any help from a technician. You may preserve a good amount of money on resetting the massage chairs by knowing how to reset the massage chairs at home.

But, the issue with the massage chairs is that if they are not handled properly, they may cause several problems. It would help if you were attentive when maintaining the massage chairs.

Massage Chairs Reset with Massage Programs

You may reset the massage chairs programs easily by following the below steps:

  • When you arrange the chair, you may enjoy the massage by beginning a program set from the remote control.
  • The program will start when you click the ON/OFF button.
  • All previous information is erased, and the chair is reset when you press the button again.
  • Most massage chairs have a stop button on the remote control. It’s only to be used in an urgent situation.
  • If the chair is not performing correctly, turn it off by pressing the stop button.

Massage Chairs Reset with Factory Settings

Factory reset plays an essential role in the massage chair in improving its function and performance. You may quickly delete all of your customizations by a factory reset method.

You may adjust your massage chair with your favorite massage programs, massage patterns, time, and other features according to your preferences from the factory settings. Following are the steps if you want to reset your massage chairs by factory settings:

  • Firstly, you must switch off the massage chair before beginning. You must ensure that the chair isn’t being used at that time.
  • Then, take the remote and press the power and kneading buttons after shutting off the massage chairs. This process should take 5-10 seconds.
  • Most massage chairs’ remote screens will display an error notice on the right side of the remote screen. The chair will begin to vibrate slightly at that moment.
  • All prior massage section history will be erased, and the massage chair will return to factory settings.

Massage Chairs Problems

As I previously stated, your massage chair may experience several different problems. So, here are a few massage chair problems that may occur, and you may quickly solve them by setting the factory reset.

Enhance Body Temperature of Massage Chair

The temperature of the massage chair might sometimes become unbalanced due to overheating. When you see a spike in the temperature of your massage chair, it may also occur due to some jammed settings.

You may remove all incorrect massage chair settings and start again by resetting them with an automated massage chair pad. If the heat function isn’t performing after factory resetting, you should contact a massage chair professional to get the massage chair repaired.

Timer Stops Performing

The automated timer is an integral part of a massage chair. You may be unable to tell how long it has been if the timer is not functioning. When the internal massaging process is not changed over time, it is a critical problem of the massage chair that you should notice. It would help if you restored the auto-timer by resetting your massage chair when the timer is not performing well.

Massage Chair Makes Loud Noise

Your massage chair may start producing harsher noises suddenly. It may occur due to many possible causes. The louder noise may occur due to the air compressors or broken motor problems.

When you observe a more severe noise problem, you should consider professional guidance. It would help if you also tried resetting your massage chair to factory settings before contacting a professional. You may solve the noise problem by factory resetting in most cases.

Massage Features Aren’t Working.

When you notice that some of your massage chair’s features aren’t operating correctly, you should consider resetting the massage chairs. It may occur due to the problem in the settings that the massage rollers don’t penetrate deeply. If the LCD monitor does not light up or the airbags do not compress, you should try to reset your massage chair.

If you’re continuously moving in your massage chair, the massage chair controller is a good solution for fixing this problem. The massage chair controller features a built-in motor that keeps you stable during massaging.

Massage Chair Suddenly Stops Working

Sometimes you may observe the massage chair suddenly stop performing; there will be a problem with the massage chair controller. Probably it may occur due to some personal setting that has gone out of control. If your massage chair stops working, it may also occur due to the massage chair error codes.

When your massage chair keeps beeping, you should try to reattach the cord. You may try to reset the massage chairs by factory settings. But if the problem persists, you should contact a professional for a comprehensive checkup of your massage chair.

Massage Chair Repair Parts

Some massage chair components can be repaired, but you cannot fix all of the massage chair parts. When the massage chair may not work effectively, you should consider revising the massage chair parts. Replacement for massage chairs needs a lot of time and effort. The replacement parts of the massage chair are listed below:

  • The remote control
  • The heating system and pads
  • The electric motor
  • The cord

It will deteriorate if you operate a massage machine for an extended time. You may bring the massage machine back to normal by repairing its parts. You may buy elite massage chair parts and get away with select massage chairs from its website.

How to Fix a Massage Chair

Most massage chairs come with outstanding customer service and support. If your massage chair is not working correctly, you should know how to fix the massage chair problems at home. It would help if you also learned some simple techniques to make the massage chair helpful. Following are some easy techniques for fixing massage chairs:

Fixing the Power Cable

The most significant problem is improper power-on and power-off switching. The power cable is burned out if the massage chair is not turned on and off properly. The massage chair’s second problem is not getting enough electricity. If this is the case, you should check your power source. You may also consider tightening all of the nuts and bolts to fix the massage chair.

However, if the power cable is burned out, it must be replaced. Because the massage chair is expensive, do not risk operating it on low power. You should check the power capacity of the cord by connecting it to another appliance, such as an iron or a steamer.

Fixing the Fuse and Wire

In some cases, the wire and fuse of the massage chair may burn. You should check the massage chair fuse because it may cause it not to work correctly. You should try reading the massage chair manual if you don’t become aware of where the fuses or breakers are placed.

When the fuse of your massage chair has blown, you should consider opening the plugging with a screwdriver and replacing it with a new fuse of the same type. However, you may join the ends of the wire with an insulating material. It would help if you also considered replacing any tripped circuit breakers. Sometimes you also need to buy a new wire. This will happen when repairing is not an option.

Fixing the Remote

You may also face the problem of a massage chair’s remote not working correctly. Therefore, you should know how to fix a massage chair remote. In this condition, you should double-check your cable connection. When your massage chair’s remote blinking, there will be a problem with the remote or in the LED; you should need to check the remote with the technician.

Nowadays, almost every remote control is designed with a LED light. The LED lamp may not respond in some conditions. If your massage chair remote’s LEDs, lights, or screen are not working correctly, you should consider the massage chair replacement remote.

Fixing the Heating Pad

It is a significant issue when your massage chair’s heating pad does not perform properly, and you’re not getting enough heat from your massage. To fix the heating pad problem, you should check a massage chair with an expert.

The massage chair’s heating system is a necessary feature. It relieves you of any discomfort and reduces any tension in your body. It relaxes your body and improves your brain’s active function. If your massage chair fails in the heating feature, you should contact a professional and fix this problem.

Fixing the Motors

You should turn it off when your massage chair produces strange noises immediately. It would help if you thought of fixing the motor of the massage chair. The massage chair’s engine usually generates a grinding noise.

If your motor does not make a grinding sound, there may be another problem in your massage chair. It would help if you also considered fixing the massage chair’s air pump and replacing the massage chair. You may also improve the noisy chair by just oiling your massage chair.

Fixing the Airbags

It is also a common problem when the airbags in your massage chair do not inflate properly. You may face this issue regularly when you use the massage function. Luckily, it is a minor problem that you can fix quickly.

This may occur due to an airbag tube leaking or wholly detached. All you have to do to fix it is reattach it yourself or replace it if it is damaged or dripping. If you want to clean your massage chair, the sewing kit and some washing clothes will be enough.

Massage Chair Troubleshooting Ways

Following are some massage chair troubleshooting ways:

  • It would help if you did not take stressed when the rollers of massage chairs appear out of position. It is the design of a massage chair.
  • When the rollers of massage chairs become jammed, the machine sets them so that when you use the massage chair, they keep you comfortable.
  • During the kneading and tapping processes, the rollers collide, producing noise. You may think of it as a problem, but it’s a feature of the massage chair’s construction.
  • The massage chair is still not functioning when you’ve plugged in the power wire. You may face the power massage chair problem when you haven’t correctly placed the cord in the socket.
  • When the motor of a massage chair stops operating, you should consider contacting the technician.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Repair

You may quickly repair the zero gravity massage chair at home if it is not working correctly. It would help if you considered inspecting whether the power cord is securely placed into an electrical socket. You may also repair the fuse of a massage chair by using the screwdriver.

If your zero gravity massage chair does not function properly, you should consider checking its controller. That’s how you may repair the zero gravity massage chair at home. If the problem persists, you must check it with a professional.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering buying a massage chair, you should be aware of how to reset the massage chair. You may quickly fix the common massage chair problems. I have guided you in detail on resetting and restoring the massage chairs.

A factory reset will work if your massage chair’s hardware is in good order. You may save money by resetting the massage chair at home rather than spending on costly professionals. A massage chair is an expensive investment; therefore, you must take special care of it.


Q1: What is the best way to troubleshoot a massage chair?

You should check the power and remote cables if the chair isn’t working correctly. Also, investigate the socket. You should check for a blown a fuse and switch off the power button on your chair.

Q2: What is the reason for the noise from the massage chair?

Squeaking is most probably to happen at pivot points, such as between the footrest and the seat. Scissors are the jointed metal arms that allow the massage mechanism to work within a massage chair. These arm joints sometimes lose and generate a clicking sound.

Q3: Can I use the massage chair daily?

According to medical experts, you can use a massage chair depending on your physiological state, but if you’re using it to relieve stress, you should only use it for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day.

Q4: How long may massage chairs last and be durable?

Massage chairs have a 15- to 20-year life expectancy. It would be ideal if the massage chair could work properly for years without repairs. The truth is that every chair eventually requires parts upgrades.

Q5: What is the method for resetting my OSIM massage chair?

Open the main menu by pressing the ON/OFF button on the remote control. Select “Manual” with the arrow down button. Select OK and then use the up and down buttons to select your massage option. The manual massage options should now function properly.

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