iRest Massage Chair Review

Are you looking for the iRest massage chair reviews with pros and cons?

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iRest is one of the best massage chairs that provide massage functions like having your masseuse right at home!

The irest chair is designed to relieve tension and pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. Let’s see how it worked for me. So if you’re ready to get the relaxation you deserve, finally, keep reading!

iRest Full Body Massage Chair

iRest Full Body Massage Chair
4.5/5 Amazon Score


  • Color: Multiple
  • Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 66.92 x 29.92 x 33.07 inches

Our Verdict:
iRest is one of the top rated massage chair. It has many positive reviews because of its unmatched features and functions.

We’ll break down every feature so you can make up your mind on whether or not these pieces deserve it.

iRest Massage Chair Review

iRest Massage Chair Features

There are many features and functions of the iRest Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chairs. These outclass features make the irest chair different from the other massage chairs in the market. The high-quality material is long-lasting and provides a comfortable massage.

Massage Functions

With multiple massages, you can relieve soreness in your back, shoulder, and legs because they’re quick yet effective at targeting specific areas that need attention – all while releasing tension buildup thanks to their acupressure techniques by stimulating critical points along with your feet.

The Full Body Massage Program uses various techniques with your hands or feet, depending on if you want more focused pressure during certain parts of the session; this is great for those who don’t like getting laid down.

Automatic Body Scan

With its automatic body scanning, the best iRest Massage Chair takes care of all the hard work for you! Just lie back and let this sensor scan identify your pressure points before aligning rollers so that every inch feels equally stimulated, just like in a Real Relax massage chair.

The massage chair will automatically detect your height, weight, and other physical features to make sure it offers the perfect point of contact for you.

The Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands can do a variety of massages on you with their built-in intelligence. They can mimic professional therapists’ methods by using different massage actions like kneading, squeezing, flapping, or pressing for them to be as effective and devastatingly therapeutic!

Full Body Airbag Massage

This full-body air pressure massage is a great way to relieve stress from your shoulders, arms, and feet all at once! The three-intensity adjustable settings allow you some extra room for personal preference. With an extended calf rest feature that can be up to 20cm in length- it’ll be perfect no matter how tall or short someone might be.

Back Heating

The back heating function provides relief in spine pain. The wavelength matches human body temperatures, so its ability to warm up our internal system is more effective than most other types of heaters because they create little heat at a time, which makes them less diverse in size or range for personal use than you would need if making spa treatments at home.

Heat is a great way to ease back pain and relax sore muscles, but it can get uncomfortable if you have foot or calf issues.

Foot Massage

The Irest massage is a revolutionary chair that uses rollers and airbags to deliver a subliminal foot/calf massage, like in the Osaki massage chair. His patented design regimen has been proven effective in reducing pain caused by standing all day long, which makes it perfect for anyone who works at home or spends lots of time on their feet.

3D Massage Hands

With its luxurious massage hand, the iRest provides a full-body spa experience right home. The 3D mechanical hands use professional massage methods like kneading and squeezing for actions such as a flap or push while holding onto the Swing handle to create different styles that give an individualized touch during each session!

The iRest massage chair is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from chronic back pain! It will help you relieve your fatigue and refresh yourself.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity sitting position provides a therapeutic experience for chronic back pain patients. he Zero gravity sitting position decreases pressure on your back and distributes weight eventually. As a result, it reduces stress on your heart and improves blood circulation in your body.

Bluetooth Speaker

The wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy your favorite tunes. It has an upper arm-mounted design that allows for accessible communication, so music can be played by connecting it with any smartphone or tablet device!

AI Voice Control

The iRest A306 Massage Chair is more than just an ordinary massage chair. It has the exclusive option for this price range to come with AI Voice Control, which allows you to control all functions on and off by speaking into it without moving your hands!

For example, say Hi Alice (the chair’s voice), tell her what program is looking forward to today; or use simple commands such as turn off lights when done working in your home gym area.

SL Track Rollers

It is crucial to have the right massage chair for you. The iRest SL track comes with an extra-long straight rail while others only go up 135 cm, but this shape makes all of those differences in terms of how much pressure will be applied by each roller!

The iRest massage chairs allow you to adjust the levels of SL-track roller massages. THe irest chair users speed in three ranges – wide, middle, and narrow; while only allowing them a range up until about 17 CM with its five setting adjustments for different parts on your body that need varying degrees of pressure or intensity (depending).

  • SL Track – Combined with Human Engineering
  • Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands
  • Designed for Relieve and Stiffness
  • 3 Levels Zero Gravity Angles
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • 8 Auto Massage Modes
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • No Side Pocket


iRest Massage Chairs are great for feeling refreshed. Its industry-standard technology provides the perfect balance of relaxation and pain relief. It doesn’t get much better than this! With access to three Zero-G positions, air compression massage features provide stress reduction and mental stimulation – not to mention lumbar heat function for those who suffer from back problems.

They also have an incredible staff that will help if anything goes wrong after a purchase is made–I’ve never seen companies work so hard assisting customers to do more than that.

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Benefits of iRest Massage Chairs

iRest 3D massage chair provides professional massage at home. You won’t have to worry about transportation or time constraints. The massage chair is best for deep tissue massage.

The effects of exercise on the body can be significant, and taking care of your post-exercise recovery is vital. Some people may experience sore muscles or lower back pain after working out.

Recovery: After a good workout, your muscles can feel sore and tired. With the irest 3D massage chair, you can speed up the post-exercise recovery process to feel better sooner.

Relaxation: Massage chairs help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, which is essential for overall health and wellbeing.

Sleep: A good night’s sleep is essential for general health. The gentle massages provided by an irest massage chair can help you get the most out of your slumber.

Pain relief: If you are suffering from lower back pain, stiff neck issues, or sore muscles, an irest massage chair can provide relief.