Slabway Massage Chair Reviews

Nowadays, people consider massage chairs a luxury item in the home and office, not just to relax but also to reduce stress. The Slabway massage chair is one of the best and most famous massage chair brands in the market. We have a detailed slabway massage chair review with proper pros and cons, price, and buying guide. The comfortable massage function with zero gravity sitting position relax your body and provide relief in muscle spam within 15 minutes.

The slabway is a legit and reputable company that provides massage chairs in different designs, colors, models, and prices. You can often have many massage sessions just like a human massage in your home to improve blood circulation and restore muscle. The zero-gravity function reduces pressure on your spine.

Slabway Massage Chair

Slabway massage chair
  • Advanced 4 Roller S Track System
  • 42 Fatigue Relieving Air Bags
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Back and neck massager
  • Deeper massage

Slabway Massage Chair Reviews

We have found in the slabway massage chair review that it is one of the luxury and comfortable massage chairs that help relieve back pain. The massage chair’s equipment is high quality with proper heating functions. The slabway foot massager is suitable for cold feet and toes. The roller on the lumbar and shoulder area rubs your back and shoulder with effective vibration.

Some of the features and functions of the slabway massage chairs.

Slabway Massage Chair Features


The slabway massage comes with an ergonomic design of high quality. The material and equipment used in the massage chair are comfortable and long-lasting. It provides a relaxing massage function on your back, shoulder, hands, feet, and thighs. The high-quality leather makes your sitting more comfortable.


The slabway massage chair comes with different massage functions such as back massage, shoulder massage, hand massage, and footer massage. The heating pad in the lumbar areas enhances blood circulation. The airbags in massage chairs increase metabolism and provide relief from fatigue. The shiatsu massage in the slabway chair is incredible and has no match. It is a stress reducer and promotes muscle relaxation. Even the massage feels like a human massage.


There are more than 40 airbags in the slabway massage chair, which provide massage from head to toe. The airbags are placed in significant areas such as the back, hips, shoulder, forearms, thighs, calves, and feet. That is why it improves blood circulation in the whole body. It is beneficial for diabetic neuropathy patients. The airbags inflate and deflate to reduce muscle tightness.

Power vibration

The high-power vibration provides relief in pain. The s roller of the chair is like the spine curve from top to bottom. It increases the wellness hormone endorphin and makes your body relax.

User friendly

The slabway massage chair is user-friendly because of its remote controller with an LCD screen. Just click, and there you have a customized massage. You can increase and decrease the massage intensity and speed. Similarly, the massage duration is also set as per your body’s needs.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity sitting position reduces lower back pain and natural body posture. The weightlessness improves blood circulation by raising your feet above the heart level and removing the back and neck knots. The hand and footer massager function reduces fatigue stiffness.

Heat Therapy

It is a built-in heating pad in the lumbar area that the body metabolizes and boosts massage function and comfort. It functions in pain, just like ice in the desert. Muscle stiffness and fatigue are overcome with effective heating pads and increase the oxygen flow in your blood, just like in a comfortable massage chair.

Remote Control

The massage chair has a remote controller, which is user-friendly. You can change the message speed, intensity, and duration with the help of a remote. The handbook mentions all the details which come with the massage chair.


The price of the massage chairs is different. Some massage chair model prices are between $1000 and $5000. The advanced and latest version of the slabway chair comes at an affordable price and quality material. The multiple features and functions of the slabway massage chair are helpful for seniors and aged people. The cost of the massage chair matches the iRest massage chair.

  • Full body massage functions
  • Automatic reclining function
  • Full Body Airbags Massage
  • Heat therapy mechanism
  • Smart roller system
  • High power vibrations
  • A little pricey

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the slabway massage chair price?

Slabway is a luxury massage chair. The multiple features and functions make it an expensive massage chair.

What are some of the best massage chair brands?

There are many best massage chairs brands in the market, such as
Real Relax Massage Chair
Kahuna Massage Chair
Relaxaon Massage Chair
Human Touch Massage Chair

Where is Slabway manufactured?

The slabway massage chair is an American-produced massage chair.

What is the Slabway massage chair’s weight capacity?

The weight capacity of the slabway massage chair is 300 lbs.

Is Slabway a legit and reputable company?

The slabway is a legit and reputable company which work in massage chairs for decades. It has a high presence on social media with positive feedback.

How to adjust the Slabway massage chair?

You can adjust the massage chair by following the handbook with the box. Follow the step-by-step instructions and adjust the massage chair per your body’s needs.

Is the slabway massage chair good?

Yes, it is made of high quality and with the best technology. The massage function is perfect for tired people.

What is the total weight of the slabway massage chair?

The slabway massage chair’s weight is 150 lbs.

Is Slabway an authentic company?

The slabway is an authentic and genuine company which manufacture massage chairs for decades.

How Does Slabway Massage Chair Work?

The slabway massage chair as it identifies the area and selects the massage mode such as roller, kneading, tapping, heating, vibration, and air compression. You can customize the massage function.

How to Use the Slabway Massage Chair?

You can use it by pressing the green button on the remote. You can select any mode and customize the massage programs.

How Does Slabway Foot Massager Work?

The slabway footer massager has four massage programs that massage the feet and calves. The footer message is soft, relaxing, and relieving after a long day’s walking or sitting.

How to Use the Slabway Foot Massager?

The footer message starts to function by pressing a button on the remote control. You can choose any massage program from the four programs (P1, P2, P3, and P4). The massage speed and directions are flexible with buttons.



In the slabway massage chair reviews, we have found the chair comfortable, durable, and popular chairs brand in the market. The therapeutic shiatsu massage feels like a human massage.

The massage function decreases muscle stress and improves blood circulation. The ergonomic design and high-quality material make it different from the rest of the tall massage chairs.